Magic Moments - Babies and Toddler Programme

Our specialised baby and toddler swim programme caters to the physical, intellectual, developmental and emotional needs of our students.

Through exploration and play, songs and challenges, and safe practices around water we are committed to making sure that every child develops appropriate aquatic skills and are given every opportunity to develop to their fullest.

Our Magic Moments team are dynamic and vibrant, well trained and have real passion for working with parents to help develop safe, competent and confident swimmers. There is a focus on positive interactions between parent and child.

By focussing on the childs level of readiness and well being we are able to take these Magic Moments to a level far beyond the learning of swimming skills.

Dive on in to find out more!

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Magic Moments Level Goals

Magic Moments is composed of four levels; Hatchlings, Fledglings, Chicks and Super Chicks, which are a blend of age and ability groupings. These levels are outlined below.


Hatchlings (Up to 14 Months)

  • Relaxed in water
  • Responds to cues for submersion
  • Introduced to water safety concepts
  • Supported back float - min 5 secs

Fledglings (Up to 24 Months)

  • Confident with shallow submersion
  • Demonstrates upper and lower body movement
  • Assisted underwater U-Turn
  • Advanced back float - min 10 secs

Chicks (20 Months + )

  • Submerge and demonstrate paddling kick to parents
  • Independent U-Turn
  • Minimally supported back float
  • Front to back rotation into submersion

Super Chicks (24 - 36 Months)

  • Understands instruction
  • Push, glide and kick with board
  • Self submersion - min 3 secs
  • Independent back float


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