SwimMagic - Adult Programme

SwimMagic's Adult Programme caters for absolute beginners through to competent swimmers looking to improve their technique.

For adults who are not confident in the water, the Adult Introduction class will assist with building the foundation skills of swimming. Our well trained instructors have a wealth of experience working with people to overcome their fear of the water and develop important water safety skills. The Adult Programme is structured to have clear progressions between each level. There are achiveable goals at each level which have a swimming and water safety focus.

The Adult Advanced level has a strong focus on technique and is perfect for:

  • confident swimmers looking to improve their technique
  • swimmers wanting to feel comfortable joining Swim Squads
  • swimmers competing in triathlons and/or ocean swims wanting to improve their performance

SwimMagic Adult Programme Level Goals


Adult Introduction

  • Full submersion - min 10 secs
  • Safely stand front and back
  • Push, glide and kick
  • Assisted backstroke kick

Adult Beginner

  • Front to back rotation kick
  • Freestyle swim with board
  • Backstroke swim with board
  • Asssisted treading water

Adult Intermediate

  • Freestyle swim
  • Backstroke swim
  • Introduction to breaststoke
  • Treading water

Adult Advanced

  • Technique focused freestyle and backstroke
  • Developing breaststroke and butterfly
  • Tumble turns and dives
  • Water safety endurance swim

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