SwimMagic - Pre-School Swimming

From the outset SwimMagic aims to have children as safe as possible in, on and around water. We have chosen to focus almost solely on body position and kick exercises to speed up progress for our youngest swimmers.

If a child does find themselves in difficulty in the water, their ability to float and kick will improve their chances of survival. Our lesson planning makes sure that swimmers are introduced to the right skills at the right time, and through high repetition of key skills we are confident we will have your child swimming to the best of their ability in the shortest possible time.

We are sure you will enjoy your lessons because they are are fun, well organized, and goal orientated with a water-safety focus.

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SwimMagic Pre-School Level Goals

SwimMagic has five pre-school levels ranging from the complete beginner through to a confident waterbaby.


  • Water Confidence and Submersion 
  • Minimal Support Floating - Front and Back
  • Introduce Freestyle Kick
  • Developing Underwater Uturns 


  • Unassisted Floating - Front and Back
  • Push and Glide with Boards
  • Kicking with Boards - Front and Back
  • Independent U-turns


  • Streamline Push and Glide 
  • Streamline Freestyle Kick 
  • Assisted Backstroke Kick 
  • Introduce Front to Back Rotation 


  • Introduce Arm Actions 
  • Streamline Backstroke Kick 
  • Kick on Side 
  • Independent Front to Back Rotation 

Super Champions

  • Freestyle swim
  • Backstroke swim
  • Breaststroke kick
  • Water safety swim

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