SwimMagic - School Age Learn to Swim

SwimMagic's school age programme is second to none. We have utilitsed the experience and knowledge of over 200 instructors to develop a consistant system that is being constantly improved and refined.

Doing the basics well produces the best results for our swimmers. Our programme is based on three key principals, a stable body position, a strong kick, and the longest possible stroke. The SwimMagic Programme is seeing tens of thousands of swimmers each year coming out of the programme with great skills, and a love for the water that will stay with them for life.

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SwimMagic School Age Level Goals

SwimMagic has 5 school age 'Learn to Swim' Levels all with concrete goals (summarised below). For a child entering the programme at 5 years old,  new to the pool, you can expect to progress between levels on average once every 2-3 terms. Children that have swum continually throughout the year will generally reach bronze squad level around the age of 8 or 9.



  • Unassisted floating front and back
  • Streamlined push glide and kick
  • Back kick boards
  • Push and Glide



  • Streamlined kick on back
  • Kick on side
  • Introduction to arm action
  • Freestyle kick development




  • Freestyle arm action - boards
  • Backstroke swim
  • Shape of breaststroke kick
  • Kick development



  • Independent freestyle swim
  • Backstroke technique
  • Breaststroke kick propulsion
  • Kick development




  • Freestyle bilateral breathing
  • Streamlined spin kick
  • Breaststroke kick with breathing
  • Kick development



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