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A couple of tips from the SwimMagic Team! If you would like a swimming question answered email SwimMagic@CLMNZ.co.nz and we will post replies to the Swimming Tips page.


AIR KEEPS US AFLOAT!!! – the best thing you can do to promote safety and aid progress is teach your child how to hold their breath! Breathe in as much as they can and blow out the cheeks! The first skill you want your child to know once they are confident with submersion is to float, and being able to hold air inside the body will aid them in getting into a good floating position. If you are at home teaching your child to blow bubbles in the bath, we would recommend you to stop, if your child falls in the pool, and their natural reaction in water is to breath out, they will sink very quickly.


 Swimming tip


KICK KICK KICK KICK!!! – at SwimMagic we believe in the importance of floating, gliding and kicking exercises being taught and developed before the arm action.  To speed up your child’s development get them into the pool, practice floating and if possible floating and kicking. Floating on the back is a very important water safety skill to learn from an early age. A strong kick is the most important swimming skill and without establishing this, further progression is hampered.


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Have FUN!!! At SwimMagic we are very lucky to be able to offer ‘Stay and Play’ options at some of our facilities. During lessons we need to work swimmers hard and focus on the development of good skills, but after it is important that kids can explore the water on their own, have fun, and see the pool as the coolest place that they visit each week. Plan time to enjoy the water as a family, remembering to be vigilant in your supervision regardless of your childs confidence.

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